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Yes, students on F-1 visa in the US have the privilege of driving. I won’t say that the process is easy, but it is possible. I have listed the steps I would suggest you to get a driver’s license in the US and feel free to checkout my YouTube video about my experience of the behind-the-wheel driving test.
  1. Go to a nearby Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and get a rules book. You can also find it online and learn the rules of driving in the US.
  2. Take sample writing exams online. For example, you can search on google, “Sample writing exam for California DMV”
  3. Go to a DMV in your area and carry all the required documents listed on their website. Passport copy, two residential proofs (insurance confirmation and bank statement), I-20s, I-94 and all the rest of the documents you might have related to your status in the US.
  4. Take the writing exam. (A cool trip about passing the writing exam is included in my YouTube video about the driver’s license VLOG)
  5. After getting your permit (temporary license) practice a little bit with your friend’s car. You will require another person with a license to be with you at all times.
  6. Book a behind-the-wheel driving test appointment online on the respective website of the state you live in.
  7. Before you go for the test, watch youtube videos of the pre-test and try to drive around the DMV to get used to the area and signs and symbols.
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